Developing software to train healthcare professionals in virtual reality

Safer Surgery

Alteruna has a vision of safer surgery and less harm to patients.

There is a great need for training in health care. New treatments are constantly introduced and should be mastered by staff. Existing treatments must be taught to new doctors and nurses. Everyone is on schedule and time is scarce. For surgery, the natural training opportunity, real surgery, is gone for ethical reasons.

Patients undergoing surgery should have faith in their surgeons and nurses. They should be confident of surgical teams being well trained and able to provide the best care possible. This is the mission of Alteruna, to develop that software for training health care professionals.

More and better training can prevent harm to patients. A pilot needs flight hours in a simulator before flying a plane. Doctors and nurses also need many training hours before being able to operate safely on patients.

Teamsimulator is a training platform that bridges the gap between need to train and be able to train. It is training at your fingertips, regardless if you are in a training center, in the clinic, in class at med school or nursing or even at home. 


The Alteruna Team

The team behind Alteruna has deep knowledge in educational technology, virtual reality and game development.

Dag Eklund, CEO and founder, has more than 20 years experience in interactive instructive softwares, as an entrepreneur, business analyst and project manager.

Peter Nordlander, technical manager, has 20 years experience from there telecom and edtech industries as a platform developer, 3D engine software architect and CTO.

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